"I'm 72. Not exaggerating when I say these are the absolute best cleaning products I have ever used."

-Maria G, BioFoamCustomer


"At the same time we are protecting our families and sanitizing our entire home. I would recommend it to anyone."

-Cheryl LBioFoamCustomer

  • What makes your products better or different than paper towels, other sponges, or plain old rags?

  • Why is your disinfectant different any different than what I buy at a grocery store?

  • What are the ingredients of your EPA Registered Conqueror Disinfectant?

  • How do I use the Conqueror disinfectant and BioFoam™ applicators (mitts, sponges, and wipes) properly to achieve the best results?

  • Is your BioWash™ Sanitizer safe?

  • Are any part of your products made in China or anywhere else?

  • Are your products in stock and can you ship quickly?

  • What is your refund policy?